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For Families

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Ashley Brailsford Vaughns, PhD

We particularly appreciated the timeline for the deliverables and the thorough qualitative methods that were proposed since we were seeking an in-depth understanding of the context through which practices play out. Beyond providing insight about our organization’s climate and practices, we also appreciated the plan for addressing the issues which included customized training based on the findings which would meet our organization’s needs. Too often we receive proposals from other consultants that do not include customized plans for improvement and concrete details about how we would work together throughout the proposed timeline. I would definitely seek out InterMediate again in the future as we continue our journey as an organization to implement equitable and inclusive practices both internally and externally.

Director of Place-Based Initiatives National Center for Families Learning

Maura Gantz

I trust Ashley and Intermediate Planning and I know without a doubt that my needs and expectations will always be exceeded. I have witnessed Ashley finishing up a project, only to be approached about starting another project that may not necessarily be within her normal scope of a business, but she takes on the challenge and blows it out of the water. I believe that speaks volumes about the kind of person she is; unafraid to face a challenge head-on and with an innate ability to read people, evaluate their needs and the situation, and mindfully and methodically come up with a solution, it has only led to the successes we see today. Thank you Intermediate Planning for making your clients feel like they are your only client. Thank you for truly understanding our needs and taking our business to the next level.

Corporate Events Sales Manager Embassy Suites Hotel & Convention Center

Alexa R. Stephens, MSPP, MCRP

Solutions-oriented and visionary are the words that come to mind when I think about Ashley. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Ashley in action as a methodical facilitator and qualitative researcher, as a diligent Board of Directors committee member, and as an effective trainer. Above all, I am always impressed with Ashley’s ability to lead training and conversations that cover difficult social topics while informing participants on ways they can make a positive change!

(former) Director, Strategy & Community Insight of Tri-County Cradle to Career

TRT Workshop Participant

I most appreciated The open conversation, the authentic and relevant topics. I learned new terminology, useful strategies I can use with my scholars… on building relationships with scholars AND their families.

Charleston County School District

Dorothea Bernique

It has been a pleasure working with Ashley and InterMediate, LLC. She is very professional and meticulous in her approach to the work we desired to have done. I highly recommend her to any business or organization that’s ready to take your program or services to the next level.

Executive Director Increasing H.O.P.E.

Amanda Lawrence

InterMediate assisted our organization at a critical time in an evaluation process that informed our strategic direction in Education for a pivotal, three-year transition. Working with internal staff leaders in Education, Evaluation, and Community Impact, Ashley shared her expertise by using a guided and cooperative approach to help staff meet short-term and long-term organizational goals. Ashley’s ability to draw out qualitative feedback from programmatic and organizational partners and then, share this information with a diverse group of stakeholders, including donors, was key to our success in messaging change. The reports, materials, and presentations she created also ensured that volunteer leaders at every level had the information needed to make fact-based recommendations that assured strong relationships and a measured and thoughtful ‘sunset’ plan for service delivery.

Vice President of Community Impact Trident United Way

John A. Elliott

We very easily selected InterMediate, LLC to provide us with qualitative problem-solving that our decision makers could make sense of. Ashley accurately identified problems and shared them with our leadership team. At the same time, she presented creative and practical proposals to meet our challenges. This was our first experience in dealing with a consultant who could function effectively in the community development arena and do so with a clarity that was easily embraced by our leadership. Very measurable success has been achieved through our association with Ashley and InterMediate, LLC.

CEO Emeritus National Express/ Durham School Services

Paul M. Butler-Nalin, Ph.D.

Based on my many years of conducting both qualitative and quantitative research and evaluations, and my direct experience collaborating with Ashley, I strongly endorse her level of expertise, her capabilities to plan and execute projects, and her insights on how best to apply qualitative problem solving techniques to improve practices and outcomes. If you’re looking for a collaborative problem-solving partner to help you devise practical, effective solutions to your most challenging issue(s) that will lead to improved outcomes, you would do well to contact Ashley and to get InterMediate on your team.

Chief Executive and Founder Longitude Lane Consulting, LLC.

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